How to come prepared!

Welcome to Ohana, are you ready for camp?

Here are some important things that you need to know before your first day:

  • Pack a lunch each day for your child, include extra snacks. (Except for Friday if they would like Pizza instead!)
  • Wear flip flops!
  • BRING closed toed shoes to play in the back yard.
  • Make sure your kiddo is fully lathered in sunblock before arriving at Ohana each morning. (We will ask)
  • Drop off on the first morning will take about 30 minutes. 
  • On the first morning of Ohana the parent must drop the child off (unless otherwise arranged with the directors) and present the waiver in person.
  • Full payment for camp is due the first morning of Ohana. We accept cash or check. Make checks payable to Ohana Surf School please.
  • *This year we are allowing full payment of camp via PayPal at the time of registration for an additional $10 convenience fee*
  • Sign your child in and out each day. If someone else will be dropping off or picking up we must have a signed note from the parents and must be notified PRIOR to drop-off/pick-up. 
  • Parking may be tight at drop off and pickup. 
  • Please send campers with a backpack containing the following:
    1. A towel
    2. A refillable water bottle
    3. A change of clothes (play clothes- don’t send anything that can’t get dirty!)
    4. A plastic bag for wet stuff to go home in
    5. Sun screen of choice *A face stick is recommended for faces. Cream get in eyes and stings* – We have plenty of great sunscreen to go around- but some people have their preferences. 🙂 
    6. Sneakers/ Closed toed shoes for playing in the back yard
    7. *OPTIONAL- Personal surfboard


    It is highly recommended that both male and female campers wear ‘board short’ type bathing suit bottoms. – We supply rash guard tops. 

    Please DO NOT Send With Your Kiddos:

    1. Cell phones
    2. Any type of personal or handheld technology device
    3. iPads
    4. iPods
    5. Cameras
    6. Toys from home


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