Coaching Safely


We are very proud to say that the majority of our cpr certified and well trained coaches are yet again returning after being with us for at least one full prior season, some of whom have been with ohana for up to 8 years!!

  • Our student/instructor ratio never exceeds 4:1 in the water, and this is purely based on surf/water skill level of student.¬†
  • We have coaches dedicated to shallow water surfing with our youngest campers.
  • We assign “land” coaches to the beach to monitor the kids who are not in the water.
  • We keep one coach in the “lifeguard” position, and at least one in a “floater” position to help wherever assistance is needed.
  • All* of our instructors are CPR/First-Aid/AED certified.
  • All of our coaches go through Safe Coaching training lead by head surf coach & Certified Lifeguard¬†
  • ALL beginners MUST use a soft-top surfboard. This is a safety precaution and is included with your camp session fee.