2023 Summer Camp

Our typical camp day

On the first morning of camp we spend the first hour at Ohana focusing on introductions, ocean and surfing safety basics, as well as expectations.

Most days are structured as follows:

*Day by day, Full Day campers will either surf in the morning and do art/ other camp activities in the afternoon, OR do the activities in the morning and surf in the afternoon.

– Full Day and Morning Camp begins at 9:00 with coach introductions, camp guidelines, ocean safety, surfing basics, short videos, etc.

–SAFELY and together we walk the children across the street to Slater Way beach access. (East end of 3rd street north.) We use safety flags and create a crosswalk before crossing.

-Group stretches, warm up games, and pop-up drills. Break into groups, individual/small group surf lessons on the beach.

*Campers will be split into groups, between 2 and 4 kids depending on their age, experience, and mostly wave conditions. Within reason, they can choose their own groups, and will be assigned a coach that is a great fit! 
(I’m excited to say that 90% of our cpr certified and well trained coaches are yet again returning after being with us for at least one full season, some of whom have been with ohana for up to 8 years!!)
*In ideal conditions, all surfers and their coach are in the water together . In certain situations, (rough/big/drifty conditions,) surfers may be asked to take turns so that they all get the one-on-one attention necessary in the water with their coach. 
*Our beach coach keeps an eye on, keeps track of, and makes mental coaching notes for surfers and coaches in the water so that everything runs smoothly, adjustments can be made, and that everyone is safe and stoked! 🙂
– Breaks for water, optional snacks, and SUNSCREEN. (breaks can be taken at any time.)
-‘One more wave’ around 11:45/12. clean up and head back to Ohana. 
-Pick up for half-day campers (Half day can bring snacks/lunch but please pick up no later than 12:15.
(-Drop off for afternoon session surfers @ 12:00 (Repeat session as above until 2:30)
-Rinse outdoors, change into dry clothes
– Lunch time – PIZZA PARTY on Friday. (Dominos Pizza) @ Ohana, included in camp cost for half and full day campers.
– KONA ICE ON Thursdays. @ Ohana, included in camp cost for half and full day campers.
– Tie dye, art, painting, crafts, group projects, games, Indo board training, yoga, surf videos, continued surf education, etc!
-2:30 – Full day pick up

Ohana Summer Camp is open to kids age 6 and older- ALL surfers must know how to swim!


Our campers will be divided into groups by age and skill level, so if you have a young beginner- he or she will be in a small group with other young beginners, and assigned to coaches who specialize in working with beginners.